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Written by Aman Sabharwal   
Saturday, 13 September 2008 22:55

Hogenakkal FallsHogenakkal waterfalls also knows as Niagara falls of India is a series of fall. We were total 6+ (one baby with us who was just one year old). It is about 140kms. We decided to go by KSTDC bus instead of taking our car, so that we can spend some quality time together instead of taking two cars and chasing each other.

KSTDC bus starts from corporation circle. It starts at around 7:30 am. We reached at the designated point at 7 am and bus started on time.

Route : Bangalore --> Krishnagiri --> Dharampuri ---> Hogenakkal Falls.

On the way bus will stop at Krishnagiri Dam, where you can spend around 30-45 min.

It took us around 3 hours to reach Hogenakkal Falls.

Things to do

Once you reach Hoggenakkal Falls, one local guy will come inside the bus and try to negotiate with all the passengers for boating and massage.

There are series of falls but till now I could not figure out how many falls are there. When you talk and negotiate with boating person, one guy will tell there are 6 falls and other will say 10 and both will promise to cover all the falls.

Boating - Once you negotiate the rate and get onto the Boat, real fun starts. They have Coracle boats. Each boat can carry 4-5 people. Since we were 6 of us, we decided to take 2 boats. The time when we reached, it was raining and water was in full swing. Boat was taking its own turns due to the fast flow of water. There was a time when we hit one tide and our boat was full of water. Boat man took the boat on a rock and emptied it, before that damage was done. My mobile was fully drenched in water.

On the bank of this water flow, there will be local people, who will be  fishing, frying and selling them. If you like fish, I think it will be awesome experience to catch the fish from water, get it cooked in front of you and have it.

Massage  is another thing which lot of people will be interested in. It cost around Rs.100/- for the full body massage.

What to eat There is hardly any thing you get there to eat. There are couple of south India darshinis (small restaurants) which serve meals but it is totally useless, so carry something to eat with you.




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